diary October 2005

Five years ago I had a complication at a very simple surgery and got into a coma that lasted for tree weeks. Only tree weeks some people should say but the impact of the coma on my muscles that I got locked-in and got into a wheelchair. LOCKED-IN is that I could move not one muscle only blink with my eyes.
Suddenly you wake up in a nursing home but nobody ever talked to me as a person, just took care of my body.
Until my music-therapist Anne, started to sing right in my face and that touched me right in my heart so I started to cry. She was one of the first people who noticed that I was more than a bag of bones.
Ever since I started to work and always people have said to me that there was no point moving my body, because I would be never be the same again so what the use of moving so much...
like I am still doing on my electrical bicycle ,because movement makes my limbs warm and it feels great when blood floats around inside of your veins.
Nowadays for four years now, I am busy trying to get from square one to the top and one of the pleasurable things is that moving also works healing.
Now I am not wearing my glasses for two years now because I was very short sited, with my glasses I saw less than without my glasses so I decided not to wear them.
After a long time I got curious and I wanted to know so I went to my optician.
Being there she noticed strong changes of my eyes there was no short-sightedness any more. and I would not need reading glasses also. In a short while I am going to the eye-specialist to check whether my eyes are still changing. WEIRD.

love, Marjan