diary October 2004

Time flies, because we already are October. Everything goes well, we do all kind of things. I do all kind of things even the laundry in and out the washing machine, what I could not do for a few years because then Iwould fall out of my wheelchair, but througt the Balance excercises I became stronger and more stable. This means that I am finally ready to excercise how to walk.
Nowadays I am getting help with my linguistic skills because I am sitting straighter which is better for my talking .
Sometimes the children even understand what I am saying and that is great because I was only able to talk to them by a machine.
I myself have to learn to talk in short sentences, otherwise my speaking changes in something nobody understands.
Now I first have to wait until the shoemaker, Cor Praamsma, in Beetsterzwaag , is ready making my new shoes. Because my old shoes were build in a way to help by support my spitzshaped foot, but since I started the Balance excercises that spitzshaped foot has dissapered.
And when my new shoes are ready in a few weeks time I am going to start to excercise my walking again, exciting! A few weeks ago I had to praktise my walking when I was with the shoemaker so I walked in a bridge and it was phantastic!

love, Marjan