diary  May 2005

Since yesterday I eat in a way I used to do. I mean by chewing my bread by myself and not to grind it first. 
I think thatís a very big step forwards. It takes a long time for me to chew the bread but it will get better and faster in future. I remember a rehab doctor laughed very much because it would be impossible for me to eat by myself ever again. But I can now!

Since a week I am standing-up again next to a pole(yes, I am standing like a pole) Ever since I started to do that I notice that my body wants to do things like I used to (like getting things from a shelve) but in time I think: 'oh no, thatís not possible........

With Logopedia I am practicing to learn to drink again and that goes very, very slow but I do not choke in the few nips of buttermilk I try to drink every week.
All around my life I am making big steps whilst doctors said that I was not worth rescuing when I got pneumonia tree years ago.

love, Marjan