March 2004.

Just clearing my room I realize what I was like and how I am now. In a short while (thatís how I feel it) I have changed into an almost normal person.
From almost nothing to what I can do today and thatís much. I used to need a helping hand  with almost everything and now I can do it almost by myself. Unbelievable what a little bit of willpower can do to a person. 
Now I do not promise that everyone can do this but with a little bit of will you can do great things. 
By accident I found Floor on the internet and with help from her I have reached a lot more than in the years I have practiced in the REHAB. And sadly she may stop now because she has reached 70 already. Thanks to the balance-exercise, I have learned from her. Iím not longer with bad vision, that makes a hell of a difference. It almost seems that all of the damages done by the pneumoniaís (as I had several) have been repaired by the exercises getting back balance in my head. 
Sadly I can not see details in anyoneís face so I might not recognize someone. So when I do not say hi it is just simply because I do not see who it is. 
It is amazing how I can do things around the house which I could not do last year. I really thought that I could never get something from the floor without falling out of the wheelchair and now I just do it. And also getting out of our bed and take a shower, dry and put on my clothes, all by myself.

Love Marjan