diary June 2005

My left arm starts to show muscles because of all the exercises I do with it. In the morning I also started to do some training for my belly because I had no muscle left in my body and one needs a full trained body when one wants to stand. The workout everyday gives me a good feeling. I can feel the blood going trough my arteries in my left arm and even the temperature is normal again while for a long time my left arm was freezing. And also my left leg which was blue of the coldness in it and spitz shaped and now for months I do some exercises with the help of my friend Cobie and my foot is almost normal instead of tensed.
My foot-therapist, Marjo, who visits me from the period just after my coma says my feet are starting to look alike again, something that was not the case for a long time.
And off course I could never do this without the help from my home front, Jetze, Jelle and Wytze.

love, Marjan