Diary January 2007

I have made the decision to write a column just like my friends Wim and Dick who are LIS like I used to be because although I can not speak my head keeps on working and I can write... at first I drove around with the idea to go on stage but the talking bit should be quite difficult because I can not speak properly. I already thought of a title: the hilarical look onto the world out of a wheelchair. This will be my first and I will talk about ass. Everybody who knows me knows that I think about sex a lot, caused through a lot of male hormones but this time I will not talk about sex. but I want to talk about my daily view, wich bottems nowadays and in the beginning I did not know about ass a lot., but at present I can tell a lot and there are many different ones. you can see a lot at an ass. there are many different ones too. happy ones, they make me happy immediately. Ass with a smile. They make me smile instantly, but there also are hello-ass, they make me think: hello, there you are.. everybody knows builders-bottoms. especially the buttocks of young men I like. I used to look at the eyes of everyone and the fronts especially men in skating-suits where my favourites, very handy when working at an ice-skate-centre reception. Nowadays ones buttocks for me are an open book. Honestly there is no difference between male or female buttocks because there are beautiful female ones too.

nice news! The corner of my mouth on the right side was hanging downwards for six years and now I noticed that I can move my mouth again totally, Thanks to exercising with the FACIAL FLEX for a very long time. and very thanks to my stubbornness, because my logopedist thought it was useless.

love Marjan