diary December 2005

Its a busy time, but also my Webmaster was visiting China , so this update is a bit later...

With me it's going great, I noticed that I am standing without any support....Itís almost like I am going trough a growth stage according to a book about growth I used to read when our boys were a baby...Also with the yelling and crying which I also remember from our children and actually I should crawl and walk but immediately I am six feet tall and I do not have such a diaper-ass to fall on.

And also my layers fat are gone so I would break my bones and thatís very painful so I will stick to walking in the swimming pool.

For the ones who would like to know about my eyes.

My vision keeps on changing every time I blink with my eyes and it is impossible to make glasses for that, so details are impossible to see for me but far away my sight keeps on staying the same so for that I am wearing glasses.....

To party  for me it is hell on earth. (February 2006)
A drama  because to find out a way between eating and talking is almost impossible to do.
For me the best thing to do is to never eat again, but it is so very cosy to eat together but food means for me being impossible to talk and eating at the same time and I love to talk with everybody.
I love to talk but also to eat and for me its impossible to eat and talk at the same time.
Even to eat a bit or not is not OK because also the thought of food only  makes me drool like a dog. It makes  my spit working overtime so that it is ready to transport everything to my stomach. So I sit an wait until  the food arrives.
And also people tell that they have been waiting with eating the cake until we arrived is twice as bad because I do not want to be a party-pooper.
So, actually to eat and talk for me is impossible to do, its a shame because I love being together so much but for me it is so difficult to find a solution because being together always ends in eating and talking which for me is impossible to do.

love, Marjan