diary August 2005

There was a hurricane in my garden and his name is Arjen jr. He lifted several parts of the garden.
Now they (Arjen, his girlfriend Marjet and Jetze) have to make some wide paths allowing room for my wheelchair. Marjet got rid of all the weeds, I am completely happy with the result. See pictures
My garden started to grow all kind of weeds instead of plants because I was not able to work that hard anymore. But now my garden is beautiful again and Marjan-proof. 
We have had some guests from the States and communication was difficult but it worked, although PHONETICLY was difficult but I took them to my computer and that was OK.
There is one week left but after that week our holiday starts, The kids school holiday already started today, July 22 2005 and only Jetze, my husband, has to work for one week, still.
We have rebuilt an old elevator for handicapped persons into a lift in our boat, because then it is much easier for me to go downstairs to the toilet. Also thanks to the help of our friend Roel Vochteloo.
Our oldest son of twelve will, after the holidays, start highschool and Wytze, our youngest goes to fourth grade.
With me all goes well, I am busy practicing with my left arm and walking with the help of a rollator. Every day I cycle for half an hour, I got another tip from Max, my swim physiotherapist:
Ten minutes very slowly, after that go very fast for ten minutes and then go very slow for ten minutes, thatís indeed very nice.

love, Marjan