diary  April 2005

Very slowly jippieeeeeeeh, spring is in the air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everything starts to grow again and also the weed has to be removed again.
Therefore the gents in my residence have no gardening ambition the women have to do the work around here.
Yes, I also work in the garden, with my little basket I dive down and do the weeding, because I regained so much strength that I donít tumble out of my wheelchair like I used to do....
It highly was necessary, now we have begun to lift the garden so it is easier for me to do the gardening.
Also our cats are happy having me around in the garden again.
What many people already know is that I can be very pigheaded, for a long time now I am not wearing my glasses anymore, even though I was very nearsighted.
After a while I started to see better and now I can read the small letters on the back of a package I am using in my kitchen.
Also my eye doctor has never seen this before.
Coincidently something appeared on the telly about an ORANGETANG MONKEY. people spoke about the self-healing cells witch a monkey has because the animal can not go to a doctor when it breaks something. Very logical, I thought maybe because we are related with the monkeys, and maybe we have those cells also. 
And perhaps we stopped using those cells because there were doctors who could heal us fast and that would not cost us so many time.

love, Marjan